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Have it your way and no one else's! 

A couple at Longton wood on their wedding day, groom is holding the brides hand and the couple and celebrant Sarah are laughing


Congratulations you're getting married! 

Weddings are an amazingly special time in our lives and should represent both parties involved. I create personalised ceremonies that put you at the heart. Why have a boring ceremony when you can have a truly magical moment that will be remembered by all.

Wedding ceremonies include:

A get-to-know-each-other chat to make sure I am what you're looking for,

If you are happy I will send you a booking form and a fun getting to know you questionnaire for you to both complete and ask for a 50% deposit to secure your date in my diary. 

I will start writing my script using your questionnaire and will book another meeting to ask some more questions and to discuss any elements that you might like added to your ceremony maybe some significant music or a handfasting. Your script can be edited as many times as needed until you are 100% happy with it. We will then finalise the ceremony and see each other again on the day! 

On the day I will arrive an hour before your ceremony time and walk through any readings/music cues and welcome your guests.


Wedding Ceremony  £775


            Photo: Victoria Crocker Photography | Kent Wedding Photographer

Vow Renewal 

Have you reached a special Anniversary and are now thinking about renewing your vows? Maybe you have been through some changes in your lives and want to reaffirm the love that you share for one another or maybe its just because you want another wedding and why not! 

Whatever the reason I can create a lovely personalised Vow renewal ceremony.

I will learn all about your lives and love story, You can include any traditional elements, you can use the same vows as before or write new ones. Once I have completed your ceremony script we can meet to go through everything before we meet on the day. 


Vow Renewals start from £550

Couple holding their hands out on top of the others with each others wedding rings.
photo of a baby on her naming ceremony day smiling sat on the grass in a white dress

Naming Ceremony

Welcoming a new baby or child into your family? Naming guardians to your children?


Naming ceremonies are like those delicious slices of cake at life's grand celebration. They come in all shapes and sizes, sprinkled with love and garnished with the promise of a bright and beautiful future.

So, whether you're the parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or just a super excited friend, a Naming Ceremony is your opportunity to share in the joy, love, and hopes of a family as they welcome a new member into the fold. It's where you become a part of the story, and that story is always filled with love and happiness. 


Sunday - Thursday £400

Friday and Saturdays £525

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